MASTERCLASS: Your First 100 Days
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Congratulations! You’ve been hired. Now what?

Whether you’re development director number one, or the fifth development director in three years, you need a concrete plan for success in your new role.

But when expectations are stacked high and first impressions can mean so much, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. How can you make a difference quickly, while at the same time setting those important standards to ensure your organization is on the path to future sustainability?

Rather than taking a year to figure it out, Charting Your First 100 Days will get you there fast. Ready to make a difference immediately.

You’ll Discover How to Jump in Feet First
How can you achieve results quickly, make an important difference, create change for the better, and instill other members of your organization with a sense of trust in you?
Sure, it takes time to build the fundraising systems and donor relationships that last. That's why we'll teach you fast easy ways to bring in early wins and wow the board.
In the "discovery" phase of class, you'll learn what information you need and what questions you need to ask to move forward with assurance.
Meeting with staff, board members, and donors is an important part of the discovery process. The questions you ask now will inform your storytelling and case for support.
Learn what you should look for in your internal systems and your database. 
Create a proactive plan for growth and bring everyone on board. Head off soul-sucking board micromanagement from the start. Avoid spinning your wheels!
We've all been there. You've been hired for a fundraising position at an organization you admire... Only to learn that you're the 5th DD in two years. Here's how to head off those red flags before you say "yes."
Want to Cut Through Months of Overwhelm?
A Word From Our Students:
“I always recommend Pamela Grow’s Basics and More for non-profits that want realistic and actionable advice on how to fundraise. Pamela and team understand what it’s like to work in a nonprofit when you have multiple responsibilities and need to get stuff done in the easiest, most resourceful way. I like these programs so much I give them as gifts to friends and colleagues in the non-profit space. (And trust me, it’s a good gift!)”
Good Ways Inc.
“Your classes have been invaluable…

In my first year here we raised 47k with the EOY, my second year after taking just one of your classes I raised 100k, last year I raised 140K!

I am using your ask, thank, report, repeat system, and when I ran a survey to jump off my EOY campaign I found that donors like the personal stories, the student success stories, and they also mentioned that the communication was much better in the last 3 years,  I could not have done this without you!”
San Juan Diego Academy

“I am so excited to say that after our coaching session, I was able to have an open and honest conversation with my ED. I advocated for a grant-writing consultant to come on so that I can spend more time loving our donors, and got the green light to co-create a plan to promote a culture of philanthropy that engages our Board and staff. Plus — I got a raise and a promotion! Thank you for everything, Pamela!”

“Pam has walked in your shoes. She knows how hard it is to do your job. 32 years ago, I wish I had this book before I started my journey as a fundraiser. I would have made much fewer mistakes and seen better results, sooner. Sometimes being THE only one doing fundraising at your organization can feel really lonely, others don't understand what you do and there are times you don't think you're doing the right things. Simple Development Systems will help guide you down the right path so you can start out each day confident you are doing this good work, right!” 
Veritus Group

Valuable for new development directors, job seekers, and consultants to nonprofits.
This class is for new development directors, new fundraising executive directors, consultants to nonprofits, and job-seekers looking to head off red flags during the hiring process.

"I have successfully completed the Charting Your First 100 Days Training. Wow - did I learn a lot of valuable information!"
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From One Fundraiser to Another
“22 years in fundraising has taught me this. It typically takes a new fundraiser up to a year — and sometimes longer — to really get the lay of the land. To understand their organization’s mission, culture, data, programming, and most importantly, their donors.

In Your First 100 Days, you’ll get a plan for getting up to speed on the metrics that matter — FAST.

Over the course of 4-6 weeks, you’ll have a solid understanding of your organization and plan for sustainable growth. Beyond the “discovery phase,” you’ll also discover my fail-safe plan for establishing some quick wins for your boss and board!”

PAMELA GROW | Basics & More Fundraising

Enroll now. Start your nonprofit on the path to success.
Stop thinking “I’m not sure how to do this,” or “I never learned this in school.” With Your First 100 Days, you'll begin your nonprofit career off on the right foot, wow your boss and board, and create lasting donor relationships.
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Your First 100 Days is a four-week online course. After enrolling, you'll automatically receive a link to the first week's module in your inbox. Please double check your email address when you enroll. If either your receipt or your class email is missing, email Samantha@simpledevelopmentsystems.
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