MASTERCLASS: Your Fundraising Board
Transform Your Board Into a Fundraising Team!
“They say they'll do anything EXCEPT raise money (in spite of signing a give/get pledge).”

“They are dysfunctional:  more than 50% do not contribute financially or in effort.”

“Our board lacks the knowledge or interest to fundraise. And it wasn’t even anything that they were told or encouraged to do when they join the board. Our executive director doesn’t encourage it, either. Help!”

Welcome to Your Fundraising Board | Basics & More™, a four-week, self-guided course designed to guide you in understanding your board’s role in the fundraising process and how to create an inspired, motivated, passionate board as dedicated to your organization’s mission as you are.

Loaded with bonuses, including exercises I’ve used in board retreats, trainings from renowned fundraising experts, worksheets (you’ll receive my gentle but effective three-part plan for 100% board giving, guaranteed), 
Empowering Your Fundraising Board will easily guide you toward your most effective board ever. 
You Need More Than a One-Off Webinar
With Your Fundraising Board you'll get the tools you need to transform your lackluster board into a fundraising machine! This class starts on Monday, April 11 and runs for four weeks. To see how Basics & More works with your busy schedule, download our Best Practices Guide.
Your board should NEVER be micromanaging YOU! Understand the distinct roles of board and staff.
Nearly 80% of nonprofit board members in the US are white. How are you building a diverse board? Your Fundraising Board includes recorded webinars and worksheets to get your organization started on building an inclusive board.
Forget the stale elevator pitch. Engage your board members in effective, personal storytelling.
Can fundraising be fun? We think so - and you will too, after Week Three.
What is a ‘Culture of Philanthropy’ and what role does your board play? Develop your board "onboarding" system and never have another bad board member!
Yes, in no uncertain terms, your board members should be giving a significant financial gift. Make it happen with our gentle, yet effective, process.
Save Yourself the Headache of Attending Every "Free" Board Webinar Out There and Make a Plan for Real Transformation
A Word From Our Students:
“I always recommend Pamela Grow’s Basics and More for non-profits that want realistic and actionable advice on how to fundraise. Pamela and team understand what it’s like to work in a nonprofit when you have multiple responsibilities and need to get stuff done in the easiest, most resourceful way. I like these programs so much I give them as gifts to friends and colleagues in the non-profit space. (And trust me, it’s a good gift!)”
Good Ways Inc.
“Your classes have been invaluable…

In my first year here we raised 47k with the EOY, my second year after taking just one of your classes I raised 100k, last year I raised 140K!

I am using your ask, thank, report, repeat system, and when I ran a survey to jump off my EOY campaign I found that donors like the personal stories, the student success stories, and they also mentioned that the communication was much better in the last 3 years,  I could not have done this without you!”
San Juan Diego Academy

“I am so excited to say that after our coaching session, I was able to have an open and honest conversation with my ED. I advocated for a grant-writing consultant to come on so that I can spend more time loving our donors, and got the green light to co-create a plan to promote a culture of philanthropy that engages our Board and staff. Plus — I got a raise and a promotion! Thank you for everything, Pamela!”

“Pam has walked in your shoes. She knows how hard it is to do your job. 32 years ago, I wish I had this book before I started my journey as a fundraiser. I would have made much fewer mistakes and seen better results, sooner. Sometimes being THE only one doing fundraising at your organization can feel really lonely, others don't understand what you do and there are times you don't think you're doing the right things. Simple Development Systems will help guide you down the right path so you can start out each day confident you are doing this good work, right!” 
Veritus Group

For development directors, executive directors, board presidents, and consultants to nonprofits.
This class is for development directors, board presidents, executive directors, and consultants to nonprofits looking to finally end the board issues that plague so many nonprofit organizations.
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From One Fundraiser to Another
“I’ve walked in your shoes. Working with micromanaging boards, divisive boards, do-nothing boards, clueless boards, and everything in-between.

The latest *free* webinar — and even bringing a consultant in for a one-hour board training — won't solve your problem.

You need a comprehensive plan and the tools to implement it. That’s where Your Fundraising Board | Basics & More comes in. Designed by two veteran fundraising professionals with combined experience equalling 45 years, this four-week class gives you everything you need to know to get the most out of your board.

Transform your board into the fundraising board of your dreams! Guaranteed.”

PAMELA GROW, Founder | Basics & More Fundraising

Quit wishing you had a better board. Enroll now and make it happen.
If you're not completely satisfied with Your Fundraising Board, then we'll refund your money, no questions asked. That's my guarantee to you. Your Fundraising Board will make a huge difference for your organization.
Your Fundraising Board is a four-week online course. After enrolling, you'll receive a Welcome email and a receipt. If either your receipt or your class email is missing, email Samantha@simpledevelopmentsystems.
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